About Us

Our History

Gina Felicetta and Gary Myrick have both been creating Music and Art since childhood. We have always loved animals and been involved in animal rescue work as well, so it made perfect sense to put the two together to do something creative and fun, that could also impact the causes that we are committed to. 

Rubbish t-shirt boutique was thus born out of the desire to do more to help animals in need. We are passionate animal advocates and wanted to create positive and uplifting messages of Love, Hope, and Education about issues that we feel should be spread around the world.

Simply put, we want to contribute to raising awareness everywhere about how we, as Earthlings, can make this world a better place for ALL sentient beings who share this beautiful planet with us. We hope you will join us on our mission...

5% of all profits from the sale of our shirts are donated to Animal Rescue groups.